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shinsakurai's Journal

25 January 1989
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shy-fujoshi-fangirl (?)
shared the same birthday with sakurai sho, ishinomori shotaro, and tabe mikako LOL *gapenting*
I like to imagining and making stories in my head since I was a kid, sometimes pour it into writing or drawing (kalo mood) *plak

my recent hobby... waiting and watching Supernatural Season 10 every once in a week,yeah because I'm addicted with this series recently,gosh, angst bro-ment is one of my weaknesses...

About fandom things :

I started to like Sakurai Sho in 2010

I fell in love with Sho-chan again in early 2012 and then became ARASHI fans until now X3 (so..for me its Sho's bait? XDD)

My ichiban of course Sakurai Sho, but I love all Arashi members ^^

and...finally I found my OTP couple months ago, Matsumoto Jun x Sakurai Sho (SakuMoto / ShoJun / Bambis / Niji / Soba / Panda and Golden Guy / Tree Pair / Subtle Pair, or whatever you call it...)
after I read that 'sakumoto urband-legend story' wkwk and after I realized that 'unnatural-awkward-shy-unhonest but still care for each other' gesture...
they used to be so closed back then (semua berubah setelah ice-age era menyerang?), hoeey I want skinship again~ wkwk, seeing Sakumoto old photos sometimes make me sad.. why I always fall for angst-pair? nande? why? *degawa-san style* XD

Another pairs that I like are..

- SakuMiya because its cute (sho=mama, nino=son XD)

- AiMiya for their 'natural-langgeng' relationship since Jr. , I guess their closeness still the same in front of camera or not

- Yama because they're like duo comedian and married couple at the same time XD

But... actually I like all Arashi members relationship, the closeness, no gap, no fight, and how they think about the others and the grup so much... its warm, like family~

and the last important thing, Sho maybe the manliest member in Arashi, but for me he is my absolute uke~ XDDD *plakkuadrat*

Ah! and my another OTP is ToraxShou, but its from Alice Nine, the most perfect couple for BL drama wkwk, its subtle and angst pair too haha XDD

Beside Arashi, I like Alice Nine, ONE OK ROCK, and Girugamesh

-sorry for my bad eng and rubbish talking in my profile XP-

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